Organizational Fit Madness

org fit

Photo by: Adam Przewoski

This morning I read this delightful article from one of my HR Heroes Laurie Ruettimann (, it really shades light on some of the ridiculous practices that continue to be perpetrated by organizations. Now in Laurie’s article she states there is no such a thing as organizational culture and fit, which I disagree. There is definitely organizational culture and there are definitely those who know how to fit in, but it just does not matter when it comes to making a hiring decision. I know many will disagree because it is too soon to be shaking up “the culture and fit bandwagon.” But there is a time and place for all that.

Do you want someone who can do the job and do the job well? Which equates to making the organization more successful, or do you want someone that knows how to fit in? Shockingly enough many hiring decisions across this country is made solely on the second option. Friendship clubs become more important than building teams that will actually help you meet organizational goals.

If you ask a hiring person why they turned down a candidate, if their response is something along the lines of “oh they are not a good fit.” Ask why? I am willing to bet that 9 out of 10 times the answer that follows will be blatantly discriminatory and illegal.